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Technology - putting more time back into real-time care

Our ability to enter and monitor clinical data electronically, at the point of care, brings many advantages. It is very efficient, and minimises the likelihood of errors or omissions that may occur when relying on handwritten or difficult-to-read notes, or relying on memory long after the care has been provided.

It is essential that we have immediate access to clinical and care data. By entering the information on-the-spot, we can instantly assess our residents’ health. This is particularly important throughout our facility, with its multiple care settings, and enables us to streamline processes and standardise care. Electronic systems create transparency that helps us to create a safe, efficient organisation.

Central point of information
Paper-based systems for managing and maintaining resident records can be time-consuming and difficult to standardise. Our electronic clinical system simplifies the management of information by creating one central point of information about a resident’s care, providing all relevant staff with instant access to resident information.

Benefits for staff
Technology that replaces paperwork increases job satisfaction and engagement by reducing time-consuming administrative tasks and eliminating manual processes that are usually completed at the end of a shift. For our staff, it means they spend less time on paperwork and administration, and more time on delivering person-centred care.

Activities and entertainment for Residents
Another added benefit of using technology is that our Residents have immediate access to the many Leisure & Lifestyle Programmes that we have to offer, such as our Vitality Programme, with its comprehensive range of flexible, supported and monitored programmes, therapies, services and activities. Residents can also enjoy exploring the many entertainment opportunities available such as watching their favourite movies on Netflix or listening to music with Apple Music.

Tunstall Healthcare - Home Monitoring

McLean Care® partners with Tunstall Healthcare to offer a personal medical alarm solution, including a range of assistive technology and activity sensors to support the independent lifestyles of our residents, which will help keep you active, and as independent as possible.

One of the main attractions of a Tunstall connected care system is the opportunity to provide you with medication monitoring and prompting, and you and your Care Coordinator will appreciate the availability of telecare sensors which will enable Tunstall response operators to immediately understand who you are, where you live, what device activated your medical alarm (so it’s clear where you are in your home), any major conditions you may have, and who should be contacted.

McLean Care® have partnered with Tunstall as our preferred supplier of trusted technology, as Tunstall have solutions to suit individual lifestyles, and you will enjoy complete control over your technology, and being involved in the decision-making process.

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Why Choose McLean Care

> Approved by Australian Government to provide aged care services
> Accredited high standard of care
> Award winning, professional, trained staff
> All staff hold current police checks
> Non-profit organisation with no religious affiliation
> Experienced rural and regional provider
> Provide innovative, technological care solutions

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Recent News

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The ACCC is warning people to be on the lookout for scammers who are trying to con their victims into paying for scams with Apple iTunes gift cards.

Watch out for NBN scams
The ACCC is warning the community that scammers are pretending to be from NBN to con victims out of their money and personal information. Scamwatch has received 316 complaints this year about scammers impersonating NBN with nearly $28,000 reported lost.

Beware of ransomware
Ransomware is a type of malware that blocks or limits access to your computer or files, and demands a ransom be paid to the scammer for them to be unlocked. Infected computers often display messages to convince you into paying the ransom. Scammers may pretend to be from the police and claim you have committed an illegal activity and must pay a fine, or they may simply demand payment for a 'key' to unlock your computer. If you pay the ransom, there is no guarantee your computer will be unlocked.

Modern technology – keeping you on the road

As people age, the fear of losing their drivers licence can be a strong catalyst for premature entry into residential aged care. Being able to drive – to shop, to attend medical appointments, to attend social engagements, is a key aspect of independence for many adults, and is closely tied to a sense of freedom, competence, confidence and identity.

McLean Care® is committed to ensuring that older people in regional, rural and remote communities have equitable access to services that help them to maintain their health, independence and wellbeing as they age, and to maintain good social connections.  

In 2017 we were successful in an application for major Government grant funding, which will enable us to design, build and trial unique and innovative technology that may assist older people keep their driver’s licences longer. The project will see the development and trial of a ground-breaking, cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) driving simulator for older people aged between 70-80.

With a proven project delivery record of accomplishment, we will undertake testing of the simulator late in 2018. 

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