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The Official Launch of Hector VR

As a rural service delivery specialist, McLean Care® knows first-hand the challenges older people face in rural townships, properties and communities across Australia.

We all know that as we grow older, people are capable of driving safely, but we also know that our driving capacity can begin to decline. The question we face is how do we provide people with the objective information they need to make an informed decision about ongoing driving competence as they age?

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Reaccreditation at CWA House

The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency arrived in Oakey in November to undertake CWA House’s FIRST reaccreditation site review. We are humbled by the community support and would like to share with you some of the feedback so far.

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2019 Seniors Festival

McLean Care® is very excited to be holding another Seniors Week Festival on February 14th 2019.

The day will consist of various presentations, expos and entertainment from local business, organisations and community groups. This one-day event is a great opportunity to get out and meet new people as well as have fun with your friends.

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Celebrating our grandparents

At the end of last year, our Residential Care facilities hosted their very own Grandparents days! These events are proving to be bigger than Christmas and certainly loved by all residents and staff.

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Celebrating 10 years of service

Congratulations to our Care Coordinator / EEN Julie who has recently celebrated 10 years of service at McLean Care®.

Julie was presented with a certificate of service and gift voucher in recognition of this achievement.

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Celebrating major milestones with our residents

YES, CWA House has plenty of reasons to celebrate. In November we celebrated another 100th Birthday for our resident Mrs Ruth Mason as well as Mrs Esme Dorries (known as Granny) who turned 103.

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The Perfect Pavlova!

Follow this recipe to produce the perfect pristine pavlova!

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My Health Record opt-out period has been extended

My Health Record was designed so you can keep track of your important health information all in one place. A My Health Record will be created for every Australian who wants one after 31 January 2019. It’s your choice. If you don’t want a record created for you, you still have time to opt-out.

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8 reasons to improve your sleeping habits

The number of people who can sleep 6 hours a night or less and show no signs of significantly reduced mental, physical and emotional impairment: zero!!

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