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It’s time for a national discussion

It is important to recognise the contribution older Australians have had upon our communities and highlight how important it is that high quality aged care services are available. Our care for older Australians should be person centred with their wellbeing and dignity the primary focus.

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Do you need a break? The importance of respite

McLean Care® celebrated National Carer’s Week from the 14th-20th October. The event was an excellent opportunity to celebrate carers whilst raising awareness of the important role they have within our communities.

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A moment’s forethought can prevent harm

While a safety incident can happen in a moment and in any workplace, a moment’s forethought can prevent harm.

This could be as simple as spending five minutes every morning talking with your workmates about the hazards and risks in your workplace, and how to prevent harm.

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Keep your skin safe this summer

As an older adult we need to be more careful of overheating and heat stroke as much to our dismay, our bodies aren’t as resilient and as responsive as they use to be. It can be difficult for our bodies to adjust to high temperatures especially if we have a chronic medical condition or are on prescription medicines, hindering our ability to detect heat. Some medications can actually prevent you from sweating!

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Have you seen my keys?

Technology can help! If you’re an expert at misplacing your keys, your wallet, your handbag, your remote control or anything else that is important to you, it’s possible to attach a tracker to the items to make them easier to locate – and avoid the stress. There are different products on the market, tile is one of the most popular.

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Congratulations Rebecca and Michelle

McLean Care® CWA House is very proud to have two of our care staff complete their Bachelor of Nursing studies though University of Southern QLD.

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Blueberry Cobbler

Enjoy this recipe to make a delectable dish of Blueberry Cobbler!

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Age is just a number

88-year-old, Margaret Fisher is from Byron Bay and is getting ready for the World Tennis Championships. The Tennis enthusiast and current world ranked No.1 in the 85 + age category is travelling to Croatia to compete.

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