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Aged Care Crisis if Australians Fail to Plan

Failing to plan for future aged care has been revealed as a common trend among older people prompting concerns of a future care crisis.

Australians are failing to make any plans to ensure they receive their preferred future aged care and many older Australians are not very confident that they, or the Government, will be able to fund their future care.

Older Australians want to live out their days in their own homes, but there is an unpreparedness or reluctance of the vast majority to plan for it and discuss their plans with anyone. Then when a crisis occurs, people are making their care decisions quickly and warns of several myths and misconceptions that are held around the level of Government support, services available and the cost of care.

“Aged care is one of the largest costs for people in retirement, so planning for these expenses is a critical part of any retirement saving strategy, but many Australians are neglecting to adequately plan and prepare,” said Gail Ting, McLean Care Home and Community Care Manager.

“We understand it is an uncomfortable topic for many, there are future care concepts that everyone should be aware of to ensure they’re able to fulfil their personal and family’s wants and needs.” “Building knowledge and confidence and having the conversations with family and professionals are critical to ensuring older people are prepared.
With a large percent of Australians expecting their family to contribute to their future care, planning and decision-making affects every family right across Australia.”

“We need to help Australians improve their care readiness by providing the facts and tools to help educate and inform them so they don’t get caught out in a crisis.

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