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Located in Inverell NSW and Oakey QLD, our homes offer long and short-term residential services, including permanent care, specialised dementia and palliative services, and respite care. We have highly skilled and passionate care teams including 24/7 Registered Nurses, and our Leisure & Lifestyle team are here to make sure you remain strong, active and socially connected.

Inverell NSW

The McLean Care® Inverell facilities are steeped in history, yet modern, relevant and purpose-driven. Today’s McLean Care® is one of the largest community, retirement and healthy ageing care services in the North-West region of NSW. With a generous and diverse range of accommodation options, we offer state-of-the-art facilities, lifestyle and wellness opportunities, innovative technologies and adaptive and responsive care to enhance the lives of our residents.

Guyra NSW

The McLean Care® Kolora is brand-new and modern. located a 5-minute drive from the centre of Guyra, NSW, Kolora offers comfortable and homely care for the rural community. Our home offers individual bedrooms for 32 people with private ensuites and many more comforts to accommodate the changing needs of our residents.

Oakey QLD

McLean Care® CWA House is an aged care facility which serves a growing rural community in the Darling Downs, offering a home-like environment for country people. Located on the banks of Oakey Creek, and within walking distance of shops, churches and medical facilities, our home offers individual bedrooms, and permanent and respite accommodation options for 40 residents, including secure Dementia care facilities, with a culture that meets residents’ changing needs.

Permanent Care

Permanent Care at McLean Care® is about giving you a feeling of comfort and security. You may be independent and self-sufficient, or feel like you need quite a bit of assistance in your everyday life – whatever level of support you feel you need, McLean Care® is here to help you. You make decisions about your day-to-day living, service options and the level of assistance you would like from us.

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Respite Care

Whether planned or in response to an unforeseen emergency, McLean Care® can offer you flexible and responsive solutions that suit your lifestyle and needs. Our range of respite care options includes:
• Own-home respite
• Flexible respite
• Residential respite
• Emergency respite

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Dementia Care

At McLean Care®, we have a very flexible, person-centred approach that enables us to cater for our seniors living with Dementia. We focus on what makes you happy, your strengths and abilities, and we strive to provide support that inspires and enables you to live a life of independence and wellbeing in comfort and safety. McLean Care® encourages friends and family to be actively involved as equal partners in all decisions so that everyone can jointly create a life for you that you want.

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Palliative Care

Palliative Care is multidisciplinary team care. The McLean Care® Palliative Care Team is highly skilled and equipped, dedicated and compassionate, and the best in the region. Our aim is to provide support for you to live as comfortably and actively as possible whilst we support your individual needs.

We are able to offer you:
• Residential Palliative Care
• Home Palliative Care

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Why Choose McLean Care

> Approved by Australian Government to provide aged care services
> Accredited high standard of care
> Award winning, professional, trained staff
> All staff hold current police checks
> Non-profit organisation with no religious affiliation
> Experienced rural and regional provider
> Provide innovative, technological care solutions

Residential Care Services

> Permanent Care

> Respite Care

> Dementia Care

> Palliative Care

Residential Programme

When you want the best Residential Care experience

At McLean Care®, the most important thing is that you are at the centre of your own care, and that you make the choices about your day-to-day living and experiences. We’re so sure you will enjoy your life with us, and all the freedoms that come with that, because we are always looking for ways to make your day - from the many social outings available, and leisure, lifestyle and wellness activities, to fun activities in the home and garden, community visitors and entertainers.

If you love being busy and involved, we’ve got so many things for you to experience. If you appreciate a bit of peace and quiet from time-to-time, then we’ve got some beautiful, tranquil spaces for you to enjoy.

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Home-made food on-site

Partaking in and sharing a meal is one of the most fundamental and significant influences on our everyday enjoyment of life. In the busy environment of the McLean Care® kitchen, we ensure that our staff have ready access to best practice nutrition information for all the special diet needs of our residents.

The McLean Care® hospitality team focuses on the key areas of menu planning for a balanced diet and optimal nutrition that is enjoyable, catering to individual needs, understanding swallowing difficulties and modified food textures, the dining environment and social engagement, and resident independence, oral health, and food and nutrition for those living with dementia.

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Our Vitality Program

Our mission is to make a meaningful and profound difference in your life every day. At our homes, we offer a comprehensive range of flexible, supported and monitored programmes, therapies, services and activities.

We will work closely with you to create health, wellness and social opportunities that can be tailored to your unique gifts, interests, and healthy living goals. However you would like us to support you, we will be guided by your aspirations and abilities to create and deliver a plan that is completely unique and individual to you, focused on your reablement and independence.

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The aged care checklist

Finding the right care and services is a step-by-step process. Choosing the right care can seem complicated and difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together some practical advice to guide you through the aged care process so that you can start receiving the help you need sooner.

When should I plan for care?

No-one likes to think of themselves as getting ‘old’, but honestly, the sooner you start thinking about your time beyond retirement, the more choices you’ll realise you have, and the more prepared you’ll feel. It’s all about planning ahead, and making decisions about how you want to live your life so you can stay in control of your future. So, there's no time like the present

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Our Locations

Inverell Residential Care - Ph: 6721 7300
67 Killean St, Inverell NSW 2360
Inverell Community Care - Ph: 1300 791 660
94‐100 Byron St, Inverell NSW 2360
Kolora - Ph: 6779 1922
8 Prisk St, Guyra NSW 2365
Tamworth Community Care - Ph: 1300 791 660
Suite 1, 11‐15 Dowe St, Tamworth NSW 2340
CWA House - Ph: 4691 1130
21 Cherry Street, Oakey, QLD 4401
We recognise The Gomeroi People [custodians of the land around Gunnedah, Tamworth, Inverell, Tingha and Ashford]; and The Giabal and Jarowair Peoples [custodians of the land around Toowoomba and the Darling Downs].

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